About me

Hi! My name is Marjolein, I was born on April 12, 1994 and I live in a small country called The Netherlands. I am currently studying Media, Information and Communication in Amsterdam. I love what I do and enjoy every single bit of it.
I have a blog called Miss CocoBlue that is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Just everything I love basically.

How it all began
I have always loved make-up. Even when I was a kid I was intrigued by it all. I was very young when I purchased my first mascara and lipgloss. That was the beginning to my make-up obsession.
In 2012 I started to watch beauty videos on YouTube and it sort of opened my eyes to the beauty community. It made me very excited about trying new make-up and other beauty products. Then I came to a point in my life where the question ''Why do I not start a blog?'' popped into my head more often. That was the moment when I started Miss CocoBlue. Now I also make YouTube videos because filming videos is actually so much fun and I love doing it.

Why Miss CocoBlue?

My first, expensive nail polish was from Chanel. I had been eyeing the colour for about a year, but I could not find a similar, cheaper colour. So I just decided to make a splurge and buy it. It is a gorgeous, baby blue colour with the name ‘Coco Blue’. Put 'Miss' in front of it and there you have Miss CocoBlue.

A bit of info about me
When I am not busy with school or my blog I love to cook. I am obsessed with healthy foods, even though baking my famous chocolate, caramel brownie is also something I really enjoy.

I also love to watch TV-shows. A lazy day, a cup of tea and a marathon of my favourite show is THE perfect day for me. My current obsessions and old favourites are: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Jane by DesignPretty Little Liars, The Fosters, That '70s Show and Awkward.
Going out to see a musical or a concert is also music to my ears. I have been obsessed with musicals since I was eight years old. My all-time favourite musical is Wicked, which I have seen in The Netherlands and in London. It also makes me very happy to see my favourite artists live. I am actually obsessed with going to concerts at the moment. The energy at concerts is just amazing and I can't wait to go to more gigs! See here how I freaked out when Joe Jonas liked my insta photo when I went to DNCE's gig.
Travelling is also something I really enjoy. I love to see the world and visit every single country. My favourite city in the whole entire world is London. I have been there seven times before and I really want to live there one day. Cities that I really want to visit are New York City and Tokyo. 

So that was a bit of information about me! I hope you enjoy reading what I get up to and also make sure to follow me on social media to not miss anything! :)

Lots of love,

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